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Tribute by Susan Davis

It was 2003 when I met her. Andy and I were leading worship at Cornerstone Christian Center…

Tribute by Teena Wiggins

How do I put into words the love I have for our
beloved Eleasha?

Tribute by Heather Thomas

I heard a saying that you can’t make somebody love you…

Tribute by Jeanne Rosendal

How do I even begin to put into words what Eleasha meant to me?

Tribute by Kim Gabelmann

I cannot believe I am writing this, and that our dear Eleasha is Home.

Tribute by Ellen Nestos

Eleasha and I shared an office with a connecting door for a while…

Tribute by Janine Vertola Estevez

Eleasha and I first met as little girls in Children’s Church over 30 years ago. From the minute I met her, she was singing…

Tribute by Kristie Bailey

Eleasha was an amazing, caring, beautiful person. She always had inspiring words that touched my heart while she was battling her illness.

If you don’t know Jesus yet

Eleasha loved Jesus with all her heart since she was a little girl. When she sang, she sang for Him, and the anointing that is on her songs and ministry, was the Holy Spirit.

If you would like to know Jesus like Eleasha did, please pray this prayer —

Dear Jesus, I commit my life to You, to follow You and to obey You.
I thank You for loving me so much that You died on the cross for me. Thank You for forgiving me of all my sins and helping me to fulfill my purpose in life.
Help me, also, to be an inspiration as Eleasha was to help and encourage other people for You all the days of my life.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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